tiffany etoile engagement rings-dhsu

tiffany etoile  engagement rings-dhsu

The average diamond engagement ring costs $3000, but those prices don't appear to deter those in love  Many people get unnecessarily hung up over the clarity of a diamond. Look into most diamonds with a jeweller's loupe (magnifying eyeglass) and you will see small inclusions, also known as nature's fingerprints. They look like small clouds or feathers but are usually invisible to the naked eye. Inclusions can affect the diamond's fire, but they also make your diamond unique and shouldn't always be seen as a fault. Why worry too much about something you can't see, anyway? As long as the stone is graded SI1 (Slightly Included 1) or better (best and most expensive is IF, or Internally Flawless worst is I3, or Imperfect 3), you should be all right. diamond engagement ring is part of tiffany etoile engagement rings-dhsu which is tiffany engagement ring prices and posted at September 30, 2014 7:06:03 am by admin

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